Mid-Year Resolutions

17 Aug

There have been so many occasions over the past 6 weeks where I’ve thought of something to blog about but just not been able to sit in front of the computer to write it all down. I’ve tried to stash all my ideas in a little part of my brain ready to bash out when I get chance so, brace yourselves, that may still happen. 

Since my last post, I got married!

The wedding went brilliantly and I feel so luckily to finally be married to my lovely D. Becoming Mrs W was one of the happiest days of my life. I fully intend on writing a wedding blog post complete with pictures and all the details for those of you who are keen on the whole confetti stuff, so you’ll just have to hold out on that one I’m afraid.

I’ve always used my blog as a way of sharing my feelings about my life and about things in general. And there’s been times where I’ve posted all the time about something or other and, more recently, when I’ve been very quiet. Sometimes I go quiet because I’m feeling particularly sad and I lose my writing mojo (as it were) but other times it’s just because life takes over. It’s a good thing but I often wish I made the time to sit and scribble it all down before I forget. I’ve got countless photos and some fantastic memories but sometimes there’s just no substitute to writing. I’m making it a mid-year resolution – it’s August but still – to get better at this blogging stuff again. So that sometime in the future I can look back on it all and remember just how it felt to be there, in that moment, wondering what on earth was going on?




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