This Week I Have…

3 Feb
  • Attended an awards evening at work which celebrated our volunteers. Some have been involved for 30 years. Incredible.
  • Started talking to some brand new people on Twitter who just so happen to have Lupus too. It’s good to chat people who ‘get’ you.
  • Became even more obsessed with my new favourite tv show “Catfish”.
  • Been to see ‘The Impossible’ at the cinema and cried the whole way through.
  • Treated ourselves to pizza for dinner.
  • Busted out some Zumba moves for a little bit of at home exercise.zumba
  • Watched ‘The Big Reunion’ on ITV2 and reached teenage girl levels of excitement.
  • Lost out on the house we really wanted because of a mix up at the agents. But it’s ok, because they apologised. Or something.
  • Started a Harry Potter marathon whilst D was out at a stag do.
  • Learnt that penguins can live in Africa thanks to David Attenborough. And New Zealand, thanks to @mrsloupops.
  • Dreamt of visiting the worlds’ luxury hotels and did a little “if I won the lottery” googling.

    Brook Penthouse 1

    The Brook Penthouse at Claridges, London


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