Happy Days

5 Jan

I won’t go into detail right now but 2013 didn’t end how I’d have liked it to. I found myself just putting one foot in front of the other and remembering how to breathe. It feels almost symbolic that all this happened in the last month or two of the year so I can now start 2014 with my head in the right place.

And, I am pleased to report, I have. But, you know, sometimes we all need a little help to remember that it’s not all bad. I was once asked why I am always so entertained by little things. I think that by appreciating the little things, the big things just one day fall into place right in front of your eyes. And, whilst I’ve not been the greatest advocate of that recently, I know that I really do still believe it.

A friend of mine shared this – 100 Happy Days – and I fell for it almost immediately. (I’m a sucker for yellow.)

I thought I’d give it a go to remind myself that the little things really are still the best and that there is always, always time (and reasons) to be happy.

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