People watching

14 Apr

I love the way people gasp when they reach that bit of a book. And the way they lean forward in their seat as the movie they’re watching takes a dramatic turn. I love watching their eyes narrow and their lips purse as they try to work out what’s coming next.

I love the way people watch football matches from behind their fingers. And the way they fling their arms around the stranger next to them when their team scores a goal. I love the way people look up at their idols on stage and dance with their arms above their head like nothing else matters.

I love the way people play with their hair or bite their lip when they’re talking. And the way they twist the stem of a wine glass in between their fingers. I love the look in people’s eyes when they watch someone they love and realise that they never want to look at anyone else for the rest of their life.

I love the way people close their eyes and transport themselves to somewhere far away. The, sometimes heartbreaking, glimpse of disappointment when they wake up and realise they’re still right where they always were. I admire the strength of people when they blink away tears, take a deep breath and carry on regardless.

I fall in love with people and their lives all the time. I fall in love with their mannerisms and their character before I’ve even had chance to ask their name. Sometimes our paths cross for just seconds and we’ll never meet again but I remember them fondly anyway.

I fall in love with people’s strengths and their weaknesses. With the twinkle in their eyes or a cheeky smile that hides a million secrets. I fall in love with their daydreams, their nightmares and their ambitions. I fall in love with their resilience, their determination and the innate belief that things will work out.

There is a certain kind of wonder that only comes from watching and experiencing the world through the lives of others. People are too complex and too beautiful to ever make perfect sense.


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