Being married: Two years

7 Jul

The day of our second anniversary dawned in a fashion not unlike that of our wedding day. I woke up with a start because I’d set my alarm incorrectly, bleary eyed from last night’s medication, and pulled open the curtains to blue skies and sunshine. Unfortunately though I didn’t get to put on a pretty dress and spend time with all my favourite people in one place.

When I was little I used to say that I wanted a wedding but not a marriage. I wanted an excuse to get all dressed up, spend a fortune on a pair of shoes and dance the night away with my loved ones. I didn’t want a husband or having to consider someone else in my decisions. Now, two years in to our marriage, I know that back then I didn’t have a clue what being married was really like.

Being married is making difficult decisions. It’s thinking about how little things will affect your future together. It’s putting someone else before yourself. It’s trying your best to keep it together when it feels like everything is against you.

It’s having someone who knows exactly which buttons to push to wind you up. And exactly how to calm you down afterwards. It’s having someone pick up chocolate at 11pm. And telling them to hide it when there’s only four squares left by half past.

It’s getting frustrated when they flood the bathroom during a shower, and leave clothes strewn across the bedroom. And them getting frustrated with you because there’s shoes and earrings and hair grips everywhere. It’s sharing your time with football and computer games.

It’s having someone laugh at you when you can’t parallel park the car after six attempts and abandon it in the middle of the street. And then sulking when they do it first time. It means laughing at their impressions of people (which are always the same). It’s having someone who makes you laugh so hard when you’re on the phone ordering pizza that the restaurant thinks you’re drunk.

Above all else, being married is an adventure. And our adventure is just beginning.




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