My favourite things

15 Jul

(Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all Sound Of Music on you.)

I declare that something is ‘my favourite thing’ every day, at least once. By now, I must have about 10,000 favourite things but here are just ten that never change (in no particular order)…

My family

They have always done everything for me. I’ve not been easy to take care of but they have given up so much to do so. We have our silly in-jokes and we drive each other crazy but we’re really close and I wouldn’t change that for the world. 

photo (3)

Listening to the rain whilst wrapped in a duvet

Apparently the sound of the rain on the top of a tent is one of life’s greatest sounds, but I don’t really do camping. I like hearing the wind and rain bash against the windows whilst tucked up under my duvet. Lights off, eyes closed.

Big cities

I grew up in the Kent countryside, in between the beach and London. Looking back now it was perfect because I had access to everything I needed but it was London that drew me back time after time. I spent my weekends up there as a teenager and still get a heart swell moment every time I go back for visits. New York and Paris do the same – but London will always be the most special. 

photo (4)


Not all day, not every day but cosying up with a good book and a bar of chocolate is one of my happy places. 

Playing with my friends’ babies

I’ve always loved babies but there’s something special when they’re tiny versions of your favourite people in the world. With their chubby baby wrists and heart melting giggles, spending time with them always makes me feel happy. And gives my friends a break.


New shoes

I love the feeling of slipping on a new pair of shoes for the very first time. How a perfect pair of heels can make you feel like a different person and transform an outfit. My feet never change size so I shall spoil them.

Standing up high and watching the world go by

I love heights. Some of my favourite places in the world are up high – standing at the top of the White Cliffs of Dover and looking out to sea, the top of the Eiffel Tower/Empire State Building. It helps me think. From up there you can see the whole world spread out beneath you and suddenly whatever problem you have seems rather insignificant. 



Lengthy, crazy text conversations with my friends

My friends and I text a lot in group messages. I can go for a shower and come back to 40 messages waiting. Coming home after a day at work having left my phone behind nearly sends it into meltdown. We talk about everything. Silly things, personal things, things we’ve never told anyone else. I’m one of those crazy people that laughs out loud to their phone. 


I used to beg my dad to let me stay up on Saturdays to watch Match of the Day. I love how it brings people together from all over the world. How it means the same in any language. Liverpool FC became my team of choice early on and were my first professional football match. I love the passion and the pride of Anfield. 

photo (1)


I have amazing memories of visiting tea rooms with my grandma. The kind with net curtains in the windows and chequered table cloths. Tall sundae glass, full to the brim with flavouring out the bottle and milk so frothy you can see the bubbles, topped with two bendy straws. 

Tour time

From 2001 – 2012,  I spent pretty much all my spare time (and some time when I was meant to be elsewhere) travelling around the country with my friends to watch Westlife. It started when we were in our early teens and just carried on, getting bigger and bigger. It was an excuse to catch up, go dancing and act like teenagers again. I miss it but there’s so many memories that make it all worthwhile. 

photo (2)



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