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Happy Days – the result

12 May

At the beginning of the year, I blogged about 100 Happy Days. I needed a bit of a kick start to 2014 and it was just the thing.

I’m naturally optimistic and I’m often told that I’m easily excitable and smile a lot (sometime too much). I think that’s quite a positive thing and, if this is how I’m remembered by others, I’m quite alright with that. So thinking about it, 100 happy days shouldn’t have been too much of a challenge.

I tried really hard to make each day’s photo different and I more or less managed it. There were days when it was harder than others, but I think that it was on these days that the project really came into it’s own. Despite everything, there’s always a little glimmer to make you feel that life’s not all bad – even if just for a moment.

The pictures range from babies to boybands, cake to old letters and football to my friends. They make quite the collection, don’t you think?




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